The Next Era for Rapchat🥇

One of our main goals at Rapchat is to enable anyone to easily record and share a quality song from their phone. And to date, we’ve helped over 7 MILLION people record songs which have generated over 600 MILLION plays.

Beyond that, we’ve witnessed Rapchat connect millions of artists around the globe from 160+ different countries who collaborate remotely, build friendships, and interact with top artists like Meek Mill and MGK through our challenges. Not only have we seen the product evolve but the community too which helps thread the entire ecosystem together.

We truly believe that we’ve become the best mobile studio app in the world and I could not be more proud of our creators, our team, and all of our loyal supporters for believing in this vision that got us to where we are today.

But this post is about the future, which begins today. We have spent the summer completely redoing our Studio on iOS from the ground up. After talking to so many of our creators, we felt like it was time to give the Studio its biggest overhaul to date.

We hired the best audio engineers in the world to build a Studio that is 10x better than before featuring:

  • A NEW suite of DOPE vocal effects (my personal favorites being the Reverb and Chorus)
  • Auto-mastering presets that uses AI to INSTANTLY give your recording a studio quality sound
  • Way faster loading & rendering speeds (and also, way less bugs)
  • TEN vocal tracks to record on in the studio
  • More intuitive navigation and design
  • And much, much more

So, without further ado, here is a sneak preview of the ALL-NEW RAPCHAT:

And as part of the new Rapchat, we are launching Rapchat Gold. Rapchat Gold is a premium subscription that will grant you access to many of the new features. Some of you may be wondering why are going this route in charging for premium functionality, so I want to be totally transparent about it:

Like any business that exists, we must generate revenue in order to pay our team and provide the infrastructure that supports the app. We knew that if we succeeded in the vision of helping democratize music creation, there would be a path to creating a sustainable company. We are now at that inflection point and feel good about offering premium features for those that want to invest in premium tools to improve their art. We’ll never take anything away from those that want to create for free but for those looking to upgrade their experience — we plan to continue to release amazing features and tools to make it even better.

Our mission will remain the same, and we will continue to reinvest revenue generated into building the best product possible while creating many opportunities for our creators.

One of these opportunities is to help our creators distribute their Rapchats to streaming services to generate revenue via royalties. In just minutes, you can upload your (fully mastered) track on Rapchat to over 30 streaming services — including Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. We will handle all the heavy lifting of getting your music streaming and collecting royalties while you focus on making music. We think becoming the first mobile studio and publisher is going to change the game.

So enjoy the new Studio today (which you can grab here) and know that even crazier shit is coming tomorrow. We could not be more excited about the new era, and again, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has been rocking with us!

Much Love,

Seth Miller

CEO, Rapchat

founder/CEO @ Rapchat | always learning